Forget what you know
about Lumens.

Lumens are a measure of what appears bright to the human eye. Lumens do not reflect what plants see. Yellow light is most visible to the human eye, therefore lights that measure high in yellow light measures high in Lumens. Plants absorb red and blue light during photosynthesis along with trace amounts of other spectrums, including yellow. LED grow lights have lower wattage draw and heat output because they eliminate most of the unnecessary yellow light and give the plants the ideal spectrum for growth and flowering.

LEDs are more environmentally friendlyIndoor Growing with LED Lights

Indoor gardening is the most efficient, stable and rewarding method of growing fruiting plants.  The ability to control light absorption, temperature, humidity, and nutrient uptake has given rise to a level of quality in flowering and fruiting plants (especially those producing essential oils) which has NEVER before been seen.  This is due in a great deal to advancements in hydroponic technology.

One of the most promising technologies to come out of this hydro-revolution has been Stealth Grow LED.  These high-power LED grow panel’s use a unique color spectrum to achieve the unprecedented results that gardeners are bragging about all over the world.  Stealth Grow LED grow panels use innovative and patented technology to push plants to the ultimate level.

Our LED Color Spectrum Stimulates the Development of Essential Oils

Stealth Grow LED light spectrum comparisonPlants only absorb light in the red and blue light spectrum.  High pressure sodium lights deliver a huge amount of yellow light (not absorbed by plants) and enough red light to develop high yields on flowering plants.  Metal halide lights deliver enough blue light to help in vegetative growth and increased resin production.  Stealth Grow LEDs provide the optimum combination of red and blue light to achieve the yield enhancing benefits of the HPS light and the quality enhancing benefits of the MH (without the wasted yellow light).  For this reason, Stealth Grows provides the optimum spectrum for flowering plants and the secretion of essential oils.

LED Lights Are Intense!

Any experienced gardener will tell you, the more light intensity you can deliver your plants, the more they will yield.  This is where Stealth Grow LEDs excel past all our competition.  We make the brightest LEDs available, without exception.  To learn more about the secrets to our success, contact one of our qualified representatives.

Low Heat LED Lights

Stealth Grow LEDs are much cooler than standard HID lights.When your indoor garden temperature goes above 86 degrees your plants will get stressed out; when your garden temperature hits 103 degrees, you might as well chop it down.  Its no wonder that keeping your garden cool is one of the biggest priorities for indoor growers.  Stealth Grow LEDs are cool running and require only 2,000 BTU’s of air-conditioning per unit.

In most indoor gardens, it can take months to see any return on investment and all the while electricity bills keep adding up.  Stealth Grow LEDs use less electricity than high intensity discharge lights, which means more $$$ in your pocket.  Not only do they save money on electricity, but they use less power and amperage so you can use more lights.

LED Lights Draw Less Power

Indoor gardens in homes are always limited by the amount of amperage that is available to the house.  Most homes have 100 or 200 amp panels.  A 1000watt HPS bulb pulls 9 amps on a 110 circuit!  These houses are limited to less than 10 lights in most cases.  Our 1250 pulls 6.5 amps and the SG 602 pulls 3 amps.  On the same amperage panel, you can plug in 30% more 1250s and 3 times the number of 602 vs. HPS lights!  This means, the more lights you can plug in, the more you will yield.

Best Light for Vegging

The SG VEG has proven extensively to promote shorter internode length; short, stocky plant height; and lush, leafy growth.  In veg, plants are looking for blue spectrum light (this is why MH is better for veg).  Our SG VEG delivers far more blue light than a metal Halide without wasted yellow and green light.  The SG 602 and the SG 1250 are designed for flowering but (unlike a 1000 watt HPS) are suitable for vegetative growth.

Stealth Grow LED vegetative light